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Table Lamp Circuit with LM555
Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010   •   Category: Miscellaneous

Table Lamp Circuit with LM555

If you want a Power Lamp Flasher at normal electric power, try out Table Lamp Circuit like this is. It uses the integrated circuit NE555 as the core component. It controls the blink rate of the lamp. Use the power transistor for about 20W or current 1.6A. The Q3 can be replaced by TIP41 or H1061 or MJ3055 or 2N3055.

Doorbell with 555 IC
Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010   •   Category: Miscellaneous

Doorbell with 555 IC

Doorbell with 555 IC

Car 12V to 50V DC Converter
Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010   •   Category: AC / DC Innveters

Car 12V to 50V DC Converter

This circuit for Car audio input battery 12V to 50VDC, It use transistor and IC TL072.

PIC18F2455 / PIC18F2550 USB IO Board
Posted on Friday, December 10, 2010   •   Category: USB Interface Adapters

PIC18F2455 / PIC18F2550 USB IO Board

USB Input / Output Board is a spectacular little development board / parallel port replacement featuring PIC18F2455 / PIC18F2550 microcontroller. USB IO Board is compatibile with Windows / Mac OSX / Linux computers. When attached to Windows IO board will show up as RS232 COM port. You can control 16 individual microcontroller I/O pins by sending simple serial commands. USB Input / Output Board is self-powered by USB port and can provide up to 500mA for electronic projects.

These are examples of what can be built using USB IO Board:
USB Relay Controller (turn ON/OFF lights or appliances in the house)
Control LEDs, toys, electronic gadgets, wireless control, etc.
USB LCD Controller
USB Volt / Ampere / Wattage Meter
USB CNC Controller
USB Data Logger
USB Temperature Meter / Logger
USB Thermostat
USB Humidity Meter / Logger
USB Stepper Motor Controller
USB RC Servo Controller

USB LCD Controller
Posted on Saturday, December 4, 2010   •   Category: PIC

USB LCD Controller

If you like PC modding this is cool project for you.this is an USB interface for alphanumeric LCD display like 4x20 which can be controlled with LCDSmartie program.USB interface is implemented by using PIC18F2550 microcontroller. Using USB LCD module you can view many types of information taken from PC like temperatures, time/date, MP3 song titles, view emails, RSS feeds all that LCDSmartie or other program supports.

PIC18F4550 Pinguino Development Board
Posted on Friday, December 3, 2010   •   Category: PIC

PIC18F4550 Pinguino Development Board

Pinguino is an Arduino-like board based on a PIC Microcontroller. The goal of this project is to build an integrated IDE easy to use on LINUX, WINDOWS and MAC OS X. This is a simple 40 pin PIC development board as described in RadCom for November 2009. It is designed for a PIC18F4550, but it will work with other 40 pin PICs like the PIC16F877A. It has no bells & whistles attached. No buttons, LED, LCD ICSP etc. All of the PIC pins are easily accessible so that you can add any features you need. This board has been tested with the Vasco PUF and the Pinguino USB bootloaders.

Digital GLCD Oscilloscope
Posted on Friday, December 3, 2010   •   Category: AVR

Digital GLCD Oscilloscope

It was four years ago which I needed an Oscilloscope to be able to see the received codes from PT2272. (This is a Remote Control Decoder chip). Later on I made so many other things with this device which I will explain it later . ( such as the measurement of the low value voltages and even the supplies with high values and so on...). Although on that time I was in hurry so didn't design a PCB and I mount it on a pure, bread board. Its a good portable one, as the Battery is put on it, so you can have it in your pocket.

Charge Monitor for 12V Lead Acid Battery
Posted on Friday, December 3, 2010   •   Category: Battery Chargers

Charge Monitor for 12V Lead Acid Battery

A battery is a vital element of any battery-backed system. In many cases the battery is more expensive than the system it is backing up. Hence we need to adopt all practical measures to conserve battery life. As per manufacturer's data sheets, a 12V rechargeable lead-acid battery should be operated within 10. IV and 13.8V. When the battery charges higher than 13.8V it is said to be overcharged, and when it discharges below 10.IV it can be deeply discharged. A single event of overcharge or deep discharge can bring down the charge-holding capacity of a battery by 15 to 20 per cent. It is therefore necessary for all concerned to monitor the charge level of their batteries continuously. But, in practice, many of the battery users are unable to do so because of non-availability of reasonably-priced monitoring equipment. The circuit idea presented here will fill this void by providing a circuit for monitoring the charge level of lead-acid batteries continuously.

Wiper Speed Control Circuit
Posted on Friday, December 3, 2010   •   Category: Miscellaneous

Wiper Speed Control Circuit

A continuously alive wiper in a car may prove to be a nuisance, abnormally back it is not aqueous heavily. By application the ambit declared actuality one can alter across-the-board amount of the wiper from already a additional to already in ten seconds. The ambit comprises two timer NE555 ICs, one CD4017 decade counter, one TIP32 disciplinarian transistor, a 2N3055 ability transistor (or TIP3055) and a few added detached components.

Anti Theft Car Wireless Alarm
Posted on Friday, December 3, 2010   •   Category: Miscellaneous

Anti Theft Car Wireless Alarm

This is anti theft alarm with wireless connectivity ,called Anti Theft Car wireless alarm The FM radio-controlled anti- theft alarm can be used with any vehicle having 6- to 12-volt DC supply system. The mini VHF, FM transmitter is fitted in the vehicle at night when it is parked in the car porch or car park.

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