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Single Chip FM Receiver TDA7012
Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2011   •   Category: FM Radio / Receivers

Single Chip FM Receiver TDA7012

FM Radio Receiver IC TDA 7012T is very simple, but Radio This FM receiver has good sensitivity and selectivity. Single Chip TDA 7012T FM Receiver is to build an FM receiver requires a few additional components. Feature contained in FM receiver IC TDA 7012T is quite tempting to an FM receiver. Among features an FM receiver TDA 7012T is a low-voltage applications micro affability arrangement (MTS), Frequency Locked Loop (PLL) to 76 KHz range and selectivity of FM receiver with RC Filter. In an article by FM Radio Receiver IC TDA 7012T can be seen in the FM receiver circuit which can be made​​.

Humidity Temperature Meter (Hygrometer)
Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2011   •   Category: Test and Measurement

Humidity Temperature Meter (Hygrometer)

Here's hygrometer thermometer that simultaneously monitors both humidity and temperature on large LCD display which can be read from across the room. It's great for labs, chemical storage areas, clean rooms, stock rooms, warehouses, factories, greenhouses, and outdoors. Monitor humidity and temperature in your room, kitchen, desiccators, incubators, refrigerators, and fume hoods. Comes with AG13/LR44 battery. Temperature range -10 C to 50 C (14 F to 122 F). Humidity range 20% RH to 95% RH.

VHF FM Transmitter MAX2606
Posted on Monday, August 1, 2011   •   Category: FM Transmitters

VHF FM Transmitter MAX2606

If you want to be independent of the local radio stations for testing VHF receivers, you need a frequency-modulated oscillator that covers the range of 89.5 to 108 MHz — but building such an oscillator using discrete components is not that easy. Maxim now has available a series of five integrated oscillator building blocks in the MAX260x series which cover the frequency range between 45 and 650 MHz. The only other thing you need is a suitable external coil, dimensioned for the midrange frequency.

Rotary Encoder for ATS Transceivers
Posted on Saturday, July 30, 2011   •   Category: AVR

Rotary Encoder for ATS Transceivers

This equipment is dedicated for an easier control of the popular mini-transceiver AT Sprint known by ham radio operators as ATS (series ATS-2, ATS-3, A, B, B.1 compatible). Originally the ATS has just four push buttons on the top cover and in combination with the paddle it is possible to send all commands to ATS including the tuning, scanning etc. After connecting the rotary encoder accessory module an easy tune, scan and other functions are available as same as on the big size desktop transceivers. Comfort and operation is much higher even with this mini transceiver.

1W FM Transmitter
Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011   •   Category: FM Transmitters

1W FM Transmitter

A very good 1 watt fm transmitter circuit, very easy to build circuit. It has 4 transistors, one is a very stable oscillator, followed by a buffer stage to prevent frequency variation when you adjust the transmitter. Next is a resonance stage and the final stage built with a minimum 1W transistor which must have a heatsink. You must use a LM7805 stabilizer for the oscillator diodes and one LM7809 for powering up the T1 oscillator stage. This will give you a very stable transmitter frequency.

Small FM Receiver
Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011   •   Category: FM Radio / Receivers

Small FM Receiver

This is the most simple fm radio receiver with good performances that works great even if the sensitivity is not too high. The working principle of this fm receiver may seem a little unusual. It is made of an oscillator (T2 and T3) that is synchronized with the received frequency of T1. This transistor works as a broadband preamplifier in VHF range.

FM Radio Receiver
Posted on Friday, July 22, 2011   •   Category: FM Radio / Receivers

FM Radio Receiver

This simple fm radio receiver circuit consists of a regenerative rf stage, TR1, followed by a two of three-stage audio amplifier, TR2 to TR4. In some areas 3 stages of audio amplification may not be necessary, in which case TR3 and its associated components can be omitted and the free end of capacitor C5 connected to the collector of TR2.

FM Antenna Booster
Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2011   •   Category: Antennas

FM Antenna Booster

This is a low cost fm antenna booster that can be used to listen to programs from distant FM radio stations clearly. The antenna fm booster circuit comprises a common-emitter tuned RF preamplifier wired around VHF/UHF transistor 2SC2570 (C2570). Assemble the circuit on a good-quality PCB (preferably, glass-epoxy). Adjust input/output trimmers (VC1/VC2) for maximum gain.

Flashing LED Circuit
Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011   •   Category: LED

Flashing LED Circuit

Here's a simple circuit that flashes an LED on and off. This circuit uses the 555 timer in an Astable operating mode which generates a continuous output via Pin 3 in the form of a square wave. This turns the LED (D1) on and off. The speed at which the LED (D1) is turned on and off is set by the values of R1 and R2.

2 Watt FM Transmitter
Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011   •   Category: FM Transmitters

2 Watt FM Transmitter

This 2 Watt FM transmitter will provide 10km range in good weather conditions. Use dipole antenna for maximum range. Transmitter can be tuned between 88-108 MHz with c5. BB204 could be replaced with conventional led (big) with reverse bias (no light given in correct polarity). 9v power for 2km transmission with good sound quality and up to 18v for 10km range. 2N3553 RF transistors may be replaced with 2N4427 or 2N3866.

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