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PCM2702 USB audio DAC
Posted on Sunday, April 27, 2008   •   Category: Audio DAC

High quality USB Audio DAC with PCM2702. The PCM2702 is a single chip digital-to-analog converter offering two D/A output channels and an integrated USB 1.0 compliant interface controller. The newly developed SpAct™ (Sampling Period Adaptive Controlled Tracking) system recovers a stable, low-jitter clock for internal PLL and DAC operation from the USB interface audio data. The PCM2702 is based upon Texas Instruments Enhanced Multi-level Delta-Sigma Modulator, an 8x oversampling digital interpolation filter, and an analog output low-pass filter. The PCM2702 can accept a 48kHz, 44.1kHz and 32kHz sampling rates, using either 16-bit stereo or monaural audio data. Digital attenuation and soft-mute features are included, and are controlled via USB audio class request.

   PCM2702 USB audio DAC


Build Accurate LC Meter and start making your own coils and inductors. This LC Meter allows to measure incredibly small inductances making it perfect tool for making all types of RF coils. LC Meter can measure inductances starting from 10nH - 1000nH, 1uH - 1000uH, 1mH - 100mH and capacitances from 0.1pF up to 900nF. The circuit includes an auto ranging and reset function to make sure the readings are as accurate as possible ... [more]

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