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PCM5102 Burr-Brown DAC with DIR9001 SPDIF Receiver
Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013   •   Category: Audio DAC

This DAC is based on latest 32bit/384K PCM5102 DAC chip and DIR9001 from Texas Instruments. Sound quality produced by PCM5102 DAC is surprisingly good, very smooth and airy, with great dynamics and excellent soundstage. It features both S/PDIF and optical inputs connected to DIR9001 low jitter digital receiver. PCM5102 uses a next generation architecture based on the PCM1792/4 TI's flagship DACs. It has 112dB SNR, with an integrated negative rail charge pump and line driver, so you don't need no opamps at the end or dual split supplies. Just a simple RC low pass filter is all that is needed. In addition, there's a fancy PLL involved that will autodetect I2S rate, configure the device, and generate it's own internal master clock so no need for external clock. Entire DAC is powered by only 3.3V from 1117-33 regulator and consumes only 20mA of power. Although PCM5102 DAC can be powered by 4-12V DC voltage, it's recommended to power it from a single 3.7V LIPO battery to achieve the best performance.

USB Sound Card with PCM2902
Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2011   •   Category: Audio DAC

This is USB sound card with PCM2902 chip. For the purpose of testing the D / A converters, I built a simple USB sound card with the circuit PCM2902. The card has analog input and output, an electrical S / PDIF output, galvanically separated input and optical input and output TOSLINK. The heart of USB sound card is PCM2902 it is a circuit connection, which is a complete USB codec. The circuit can handle up to 48kHz sampling frequency. The integrated circuit includes a USB controller for A / D and D / A converter, HID part for 3 buttons, volume control, custom converters and S / PDIF encoder and decoder.

USB DAC PCM2906 with Headphone Amplifier
Posted on Sunday, May 22, 2011   •   Category: Audio DAC

Presented here is high quality USB DAC PCM2906 with built-in headphone amplifier. To see one or more of the same sound card than this is a compact device. That acts as the computer sound card is easy to use. Just plug into a USB port on your computer. It can be used immediately within an IC in PCM 2906 Burr Brown's brand of Neu hear all agree that the sound of course. Used to convert digital signals from the USB port can adjust volume and mute the signal with Noise from the hard drive or CD player can not come to interference. Because a separate circuit from the computer. Add power to drive headphones with a Single Supply OPA2353 Opamp serves as Headphone Amp that does not reconcile the external power supply. This may be an alternative for those who are looking for sound card priced tight, but the quality of glass.

Make a Sound Card with PCM2704
Posted on Wednesday, July 28, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

This device is fully functional sound card for PC. The main advantage of using PCM2704 against PCM2702 is much easier construction. As you can see on the block diagram it has built-in 5V and 3.3 voltage regulator, HID interface (MUTE, VOL+, VOL-), S/PDIF output. The circuit can be powered directly from USB port. Next advantage is that the output DAC is able to drive directly 32ohms headphones, but the output power is only 12mW. For all details please refer to the PCM2704 datasheet.

PCM2902 Soundcard with Microphone Input
Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

Many of us have a pair of headphones connected to the output of the computer sound card us either to enjoy songs, or a game. Very likely your headphones and microphone, which also connect to the appropriate slot your sound card. But at some point broke down the female plug my sound card, and because quite a lot to change the plug when I put the headphones and when the speakers. A small structure is a sound card, USB, with stereo inputs / outputs, button to increase / volume button for volume and mute! When connected Windows will recognize as a sound card! With all the materials to be SMD, the cornered enough and fit into a small plastic box, which by one measure has a cable with USB plug, sound to go acoustic (Left / Right) and condenser microphones. The supply of (as imagined) is done by the USB port. The heart of the integrated circuit is PCM2902 of Burr-Brown by Texas Instruments. It is stereo 16-bit DAC and ADC, fully compatible with USB 1.1. DAC sampling frequencies are 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz, ADC has 8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz. If you want more sound intensity, you will need to connect TDA 7050 amplifier to audio output.

Voice Message Recorder / Player
Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

The voice messages are recorded into the on-board microphone, then each message can be individually triggered by an external signal. The inputs can respond to simple electrical contacts, logic levels or voltages, and all inputs are debounced to prevent false triggering by electrical noise. Each message can be arranged to play once on a selected change of input state (high-to-low or low-to-high), or to repeat continuously until the trigger condition is removed. These options are selected by DIP switches.

Hi-Fi PCM2702 USB Audio DAC
Posted on Saturday, April 10, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

Regulator: This board supplies DAC board with +/- 15V for analog section. MUR860 in rectifier bridge, LM317 and Lm337 as regulator IC's and BG-STD at the output. LM317, LM337 power supply PCM2702: A little modified version of producent application. BlackGate-STD used in OPA2602 power supply, BG-N in analog and Sanyo OS-Cono in digital PCM section. At the output Panasonic FC.

PCM1794A Audio DAC
Posted on Friday, April 9, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

This is DAC with integrated circuit PCM1794A. It is one of excellent audio DACs from Burr Brown (Texas Instruments). It has 24-bit resolution, 192kHz sample frequency, 8x oversampling digital filter, differential current output and SNR 127dB.

DIR9001 SPDIF Decoder
Posted on Friday, April 9, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

For transfer of digital audio between devices is standardized S/PDIF interface (electrical) and TOSLINK (optical) for commercial use, or AES3 for professional use. S/PDIF decoder module is used for converting of this interface to I2S interface, which is usually used on audio DACs. For conversion we can use for example integrated circuit CS8416 or DIR9001. In building of DAC in past I had troubles with resetting circuit CS8416 in hardware mode. Now I select DIR9001 which works perfectly and he has lower jitter than CS8416.

USB Audio DAC with PCM2704
Posted on Friday, April 9, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

I needed high quality DAC convertor from USB to S/PDIF. Circuit has analog output for headphones and digital S/PDIF output with electrical and optical(TOSLINK) interface. We can use too 3 HID buttons for setting volume and mute. For USB input is used standard miniUSB connector. Headphone output uses standard 3.5" stereo jack socket. For signal conversion from TTL level to differential signal is used RS-485 bus transceiver. For optical output is used optical transmitter TOTX173 from Toshiba.

USB audio DAC
Posted on Thursday, April 8, 2010   •   Category: Audio DAC

This is a simple USB Audio DAC based on PCM2902 chip from Texas Instruments. The power is drawn directly from USB port. Circuit includes DAC and ADC, SPDIF outputs, input and HID part with 3 buttons for MUTE, VOL+ and VOL-.

Audio DAC
Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2009   •   Category: Audio DAC

The described device is used to convert the digital signal format S / PDIF (AES3) to analog signal. It can be used for any device with an output of uncompressed digital audio (CD or DVD players DVD, minidisc, PC sound card, CD-ROM). The device does not signal processor, and therefore not able to play compressed or encoded multichannel signal (AC3, MP3, respectively. Mpeg). Separate transmitter can improve the signal to noise ratio and to reduce interference, which is especially true for PC sound card.

24-Bit 192KHz PCM1793 DAC with DIR9001 Receiver and OPA2134 OPAMP
Posted on Friday, January 30, 2009   •   Category: Audio DAC

24-Bit 192KHz PCM1793 DAC is is perfect solution for upgrading audio components such as CD Player, DVD Player, Blue Ray Player, Computer, and Satellite receiver. It can be easily connected via Coaxial S/PDIF or Optical Cable and provides convenient analog output connectors. PCM1793 Audio DAC board features advanced Burr-Brown PCM1793 DAC chip, high quality OPA2134 op-amp, and latest DIR9001 digital line receiver. PCB board is built with high quality components such as Nichicon Audio capacitors, WIMA capacitors, gold plated connectors, gold plated PCB tracks and metal film resistors. PCM1793 DAC provides detailed heights and exceptionally good sound stage. PCM1793 DAC Specifications - Burr-Brown PCM1793 - 24-Bit 192kHz Sampling Advanced Segment Audio Stereo DAC - Dynamic Range: 113 dB THD+N: 0.001% - 8× Oversampling Digital Filter - Digital input receiver DIR9001 - Burr-Brown OPA2134 OPAMP - Coaxial / Optical Inputs, Analog Output - Nichicon KZ Audio capacitors, WIMA capacitors - The receiver provides better quality than the popular CS8412 / CS8414 / CS8416 - Power Supply: 12V / 1A

Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2008   •   Category: Audio DAC

This project is a set of two DAC's made for my friend. The first one is NOS-DAC designed by Peter Daniel based on TDA1543 and CS8412 SPDIF receiver. The other one is a little modified version of USB PCM2702 DAC from TI application note. The heart of this part is low-cost 16-bit Philips DAC. As a SPDIF decoder was chosen Cirrus Logic CS8412 IC with SN75179 as an input driver. Each IC have it's own AN800x regulator and there are separate wiring for alalog and digital section.

TDA1543 Nonoz III DAC
Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2008   •   Category: Audio DAC

The Nonoz III sounds the most accurate of all. It has better dynamics, more detail and maybe is even a bit smoother than version I and II. For the past months, I have been busy with experiments to improve the Nonoz II DAC. This has resulted in the Nonoz III DAC. I have the feeling that some parts of the Nonoz III can be improved and tuned. Still, I think that the current version is worthy of a release. In the next months, I'll see what improvements can be made... ICs used: TDA1543 DAC, CD8412 S/P-DIF Receiver

XLR Balanced to RCA Unbalanced Adapter
Posted on Sunday, May 4, 2008   •   Category: Audio DAC

This circuit will convert differential sources single ended unbalanced RCA signal. It is useful to connecting DAC with balanced outputs such as PCM1794, PCM1798, PCM1730 to an amplifier that only have RCA audio inputs. INA134 is used as a XLR differential digital receiver or buffer for RCA inputs.

Audio DAC with PCM1730
Posted on Sunday, May 4, 2008   •   Category: Audio DAC

There are 3 circuit boards, one for the receiver DIR1701, one for the DAC and one for a second filter for balanced outputs. I made separate boards for easier upgrade in the future.. The result is fantastic, I'm hearing details I couldn't hear before. Well done Burr Brown - TI. IC used: PCM1730, DIR1701, OPA627

S/PDIF DAC Digital to Analogue Converter
Posted on Sunday, May 4, 2008   •   Category: Audio DAC

This is quite possibly the simplest S/PDIF receiver and DAC available. It uses the absolute minimum of parts, and also minimizes the connections and control functionality usually provided. It is still a serious project, and is not recommended for beginners. As shown, the connection is COAX (but will almost certainly handle TTL just as well). If you want a dedicated TTL to COAX converter, there is an adapter shown at the end of this article. The spare gates in the 74HC04 package may be used for the adapter if desired.

PCM2702 USB audio DAC
Posted on Sunday, April 27, 2008   •   Category: Audio DAC

High quality USB Audio DAC with PCM2702. The PCM2702 is a single chip digital-to-analog converter offering two D/A output channels and an integrated USB 1.0 compliant interface controller. The newly developed SpAct™ (Sampling Period Adaptive Controlled Tracking) system recovers a stable, low-jitter clock for internal PLL and DAC operation from the USB interface audio data. The PCM2702 is based upon Texas Instruments Enhanced Multi-level Delta-Sigma Modulator, an 8x oversampling digital interpolation filter, and an analog output low-pass filter. The PCM2702 can accept a 48kHz, 44.1kHz and 32kHz sampling rates, using either 16-bit stereo or monaural audio data. Digital attenuation and soft-mute features are included, and are controlled via USB audio class request.

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