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Interfacing an AVR Controller to a GPS Mobile Phone
Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2008   •   Category: AVR

Interfacing an AVR Controller to a GPS Mobile Phone

My goal is to build a kind of a mobile tracker. There are many different use cases you can think of but one of the obvious is a device, that is able to report where it is. This device can be put in your car and it could trigger an alarm, if the car got stolen. Actually it could tell you where it is. There are already mobile tracking devices out there, but they seemed to be too expensive and too closed for my needs. Another option is one of these new Nokia N95 which have built-in GPS. They are really nice, but about 600€, which is not a bargain. So I decided to do my own.

     Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with USB
     USB Programmer for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers
     Clock Relay Controller
     AVR ISP Programmer (In-Sytem programmer) for ATMEL
     SD Card Interfacing with ATmega8 (FAT32 implementation)
     Digital GLCD Oscilloscope
     AVR ISP Programmer (In-Sytem programmer) for ATMEL
     ATmega48/88/168 Development Board
     Interfacing an AVR Controller to a GPS Mobile Phone
     AVR Programmer
Interfacing an AVR Controller to a GPS Mobile Phone


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