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TDA7000 FM Radio Receiver With LM386 Amplifier
Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2022   •   Category: FM Radio / Receivers

TDA7000 FM Radio Receiver With LM386 Amplifier

Simple circuit and easy to assemble DIY TDA7000 FM radio receiver with LM386 amplifier chip. Assembling an FM radio is always something interesting to the electronics enthusiast. TDA7000 which integrates a mono FM radio all the way from the aerial input to the audio output. Outside of the TDA7000 IC there is only one tunable LC circuit for the local oscillator, a few inexpensive ceramic capacitors and one resistor. The TDA7000 dramatically reduces assembly and post production alignment costs because only the oscillator circuit needs adjustment during manufacture to set the limits of the tuned frequency band. The complete FM radio can be made small enough to fit inside a calculator, cigarette lighter, key-ring fob or even a slim watch. The TDA7000 can also be used as receiver in equipment such as cordless telephones, CB radios, radio-controlled models, paging systems, the sound channel of a TV set or other FM demodulating systems.

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TDA7000 FM Radio Receiver With LM386 Amplifier


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