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1W PLL Transmitter with MC145152
Posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2013   •   Category: FM Transmitters

1W PLL Transmitter with MC145152

Following 1W PLL transmitter exciter provides stable, low noise operation. Transmitter uses a PLL frequency synthesizer built with MC145152 which covers the FM band in 100kHz steps. The VCO uses MV2109 varicap diode to automatically tune to selected frequency via SW1 dip switch. output stage uses 2N4417 RF power transistor and provides 1W of RF power. With good antenna expected transmission range is 2km. Transmitter may be built on a double sided PCB, with top side copper left mostly undisturbed as a ground plane. The copper is removed only around non-grounded pins. The ground connections can be soldered on the top side, so it’s not necessary to have plated-through holes.

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1W PLL Transmitter with MC145152


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