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PCM5102 Burr-Brown DAC with DIR9001 SPDIF Receiver
Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013   •   Category: Audio DAC

PCM5102 Burr-Brown DAC with DIR9001 SPDIF Receiver

This DAC is based on latest 32bit/384K PCM5102 DAC chip and DIR9001 from Texas Instruments. Sound quality produced by PCM5102 DAC is surprisingly good, very smooth and airy, with great dynamics and excellent soundstage. It features both S/PDIF and optical inputs connected to DIR9001 low jitter digital receiver. PCM5102 uses a next generation architecture based on the PCM1792/4 TI's flagship DACs. It has 112dB SNR, with an integrated negative rail charge pump and line driver, so you don't need no opamps at the end or dual split supplies. Just a simple RC low pass filter is all that is needed. In addition, there's a fancy PLL involved that will autodetect I2S rate, configure the device, and generate it's own internal master clock so no need for external clock. Entire DAC is powered by only 3.3V from 1117-33 regulator and consumes only 20mA of power. Although PCM5102 DAC can be powered by 4-12V DC voltage, it's recommended to power it from a single 3.7V LIPO battery to achieve the best performance.

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PCM5102 Burr-Brown DAC with DIR9001 SPDIF Receiver


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