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Repairing Switching Power Supply
Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013   •   Category: Power Supplies

Repairing Switching Power Supply

Modern power supplies are known as "switching regulator power supplies." In most switching supplies, the 110 volt AC input is first rectified by two diodes and filtered by a pair of capacitors. This creates two high- voltage sources; one positive and the other negative. A pair of transistors is then used to switch these high voltage supplies across the primary winding of a transformer. This switching action is very fast. A typical switching speed is around 40,000 cycles per second or 40KHz. An integrated circuit is commonly used to control the transistors. This IC not only controls the speed at which the transistors are switched, but also controls the amount of time that each transistor is energized. The output voltage of the power supply is determined by the "on" time of the transistors. If the transistors are keep on for a longer period of time, the output voltage of the supply will rise, while shorter times lower the output voltage. This is known as "pulse-width modulation."

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Repairing Switching Power Supply


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