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Adjustable Bench Power Supply
Posted on Friday, July 15, 2011   •   Category: Power Supplies

Adjustable Bench Power Supply

I’ve built myself my own universal, adjustable bench power supply. This isn’t strictly astro stuff but the main reason I built it is to experiment with TFT backlight panels that I use for my lightboxes. I needed 5V and 12V to play around with the inverter boards and figure out their pin-out. I considered buying a bench power supply. But prices were too high, especially for ones with adjustable voltages. So I decided to build my own. This one has 4 outputs. One 5Volt, one 12V and two individually adjustable outputs going from about 1.5V to 19.5V. Each can draw up to 1.5Amp with a total of 3.5A for all together. The input is a standard replacement laptop power supply 20V, 3.5A. With a stronger external power supply the total output current can be higher, up to 1.5A per output. But currently the 3.5A is more than enough. Each of the adjustable outputs has its own little voltmeter built in. The fixed voltage regulators are based on a 7805 for the 5V and a 7812 for 12V. The two adjustable regulators are based on one LM317 each.

     Repairing Switching Power Supply
     30V/4A Adjustable Bench Power Supply
     Portable Variable Bench Power Supply 1-32V 0-5A
     1.5V - 30V 1.5A LM317 Variable Power Supply
     Laboratory Power Supply 24V 4A
     TPS54232 Constant Current Source
     +/- 15V Power Supply
     12V 2A Linear Power Supply
     LM338 13.8V 5A Power Supply
     1.2 - 12V / 1A Low Voltage LED Indicator Power Supply with LM317
Adjustable Bench Power Supply


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