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Simple 300W Lamp Dimmer
Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2011   •   Category: Miscellaneous

Simple 300W Lamp Dimmer

This simple lamp dimmer uses only a Triac, a Diac and some other passive components to achieve power control on lamp . It is suitable for 230V incandescent lamps with a total power of up to 300 Watts. At first triac TR1 is not conducting; C1 is charged through R1/P1 until the trigger level of diac D1 is reached. When the diac trigger level is reached (about 30 V), D1 fires and Triac TR1 is switched on. The triac will remain in conductive mode until the mains current is lower than the triac hold current at the end of the half mains period. This works for both the negative and positive mains period because both the triac and the diac are bi-directional. R1 is added to protect the potentiometer in the case of a short circuit. The fuse is absolutely mandatory as the discharge arc in a failing incandescent lamp is virtually a short circuit.

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Simple 300W Lamp Dimmer


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