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Switching 110VAC - Relays vs. Solid State
Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2011   •   Category: Miscellaneous

Switching 110VAC - Relays vs. Solid State

Solid state relays do the same thing (switch 110VAC), only electronically. They still have the "control pins" (where the coil would be if it were a relay) and the input and output pins of the switch. However, there isn't a coil inside. Remember we are talking about switching 110VAC here. Because of this, one has to select the solid state switch designed to accomplish this task. One can purchase these devices from many electronic parts stores. Remember to simply check the ratings and make sure you provide yourself with a safety margin. For example, if the part will handle up to 3 amps of current, don't run 3 amps. Instead run something like half that. This way no one will get hurt because of a device failure and the device will work longer than running it at it's maximum rating.

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Switching 110VAC - Relays vs. Solid State


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