Filename DescriptionSize
12AT7 High-Frequency Twin Triode Vacuum Tube (ECC81) 364K
12AU7 Medium-Gain Dual Triode EH Vacuum Tube (ECC82) 445K
12AX7 Dual Triode High Gain Preamp Vacuum Tube (ECC83) 299K
300B Audio Power Triode intended for use in class A, AB or B audio amplifiers 96K
5U4G Dual Rectifier Vacuum Tube 343K
6AS7 Dual Power Triode Tube for High Performance Audio Applications 74K
6BM8 High Performance Audio Dual Package, Triode and Pentode 123K
6D22S High Performance Half-Wave Rectifier Tube 36K
6N1P Dual Audio Triode Tube 39K
6SN7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode Tube 150K
812A Medium-Mu Power Triode Tube 145K
8161R Medium-Mu Power Triode Tube 147K
ECC803 Indirectly heated audio frequency twin triode tube 178K
EF86 High-Performance Audio Small-Signal Pentode Tube 93K
EL34/6CA7 High Performance Audio Power Pentode Tube 48K
EL509/6KG6 High Performance Beam Power Tetrode Tube 60K
KT88 High Performance Audio Beam Power Tetrode Tube 70K
SV572-10 High Performance Audio Power Triode Tube 44K
SV6550C High Performance Audio Beam Power Pentode Tube 51K
SV6L6GC High Performance Audio Beam Power Tetrode Tube 99K
SV811-10 Audio Power Triode Vacuum Tube intended for use in class A, AB, or class B amplifiers 58K
SV83 Audio Power Pentode Tube 45K


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