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DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor DHT11 is a low cost humidity and temperature sensor with a 1-wire digital interface. Sensor comes factory calibrated and requires only 5K pull-up resistor connected to DATA pin to measure temperature and relative humidity. 478K
DS1626 High-Precision 3-Wire Digital -55°C to +125°C Thermometer and Thermostat 242K
DS1726 High-Precision 3-Wire Digital -55°C to +125°C Thermometer and Thermostat 242K
DS1820 1–Wire Digital Thermometer 157K
DS18S20 High-Precision 1-Wire Digital Thermometer 279K
FM50 Analog CMOS Temperature Sensor. Output voltage versus temperature is extremely linear. 41K
IR Receiver IR Receiver Module for Remote Control Systems. 246K
LM335 Temperature Sensor LM335A is a very easy-to-use analog temperature sensor. The LM335A works like a Zener diode with a breakdown voltage proportional to absolute temperature at 10mV/°K. Hook up a resistor from 5V and GND, and the LM335A will output an analog voltage of 2.98V (298 Kelvin is 25C or room temperature). The output of the sensor is linear, and when calibrated at 25°C the LM335A has typically less than 1°C error over a 100°C temperature range. The sensor can operate continuously from −40°C to 100°C. Calibration of the sensor requires a pot connected across the sensor, with the wiper of the potentiometer connected to the adjustment pin of the LM335. Comes in a through-hole, TO-92 package. 878K
LM35 Precision Centigrade Analog Temperature Sensor. Output voltage is linearly proportional to the Celsius (Centigrade) temperature. 311K
MCP9700 Temperature Sensor The MCP9700 Linear Active Thermistor Intergrated Circuit (IC) is an analog temperature sensor that converts temperature to analog voltage. It's a low-cost, low-power sensor with an accuracy of +/-2 degrees Celsius from -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius while consuming only 6 μA of operating current. Unlike resistive sensors (such as thermistors), the Linear Active Thermistor IC does not require an additional signal-conditioning circuit. Therefore, the biasing circuit development overhead for thermistor solutions can be avoided by implementing this low-cost device. The voltage output pin (VOUT) can be directly connected to the ADC input of a microcontroller. The MCP9700 temperature coefficients are scaled to provide a 1 degrees C / bit resolution for an 8-bit ADC value. The MCP9700 provide a low-cost solution for applications that require measurement of temperature. This family is immune to the effects of parasitic capacitance and can drive large capacitive loads. This provides Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout design flexibility by enabling the device to be remotely located from the microcontroller. Adding some capacitance at the output also helps the output transient response by reducing overshoots or undershoots. However, capacitive load is not required for sensor output stability. 951K
PH302 Photodiode PH302 is a photo diode with PIN structure. It has a wide photo receiving area and high speed response enabling applications for various remote controlling equipments. The resin material itself used for the package has filter effect to pass only infrared signals. 113K
PIR Motion Detector Pyroelectric sensor module developed for human body detection for alarms, light activation, etc 176K
TFMS5XX0 IR Receivers TFMS5XX0 IR Receivers series are miniaturized receivers for infrared remote control systems. PIN diode and preamplifier are assembled on lead frame, the epoxy package is designed as IR filter. The demodulated output signal can directly be decoded by a microprocessor. The main benefit is the reliable function even in disturbed ambient and the protection against uncontrolled output pulses. 101K


Build Accurate LC Meter and start making your own coils and inductors. This LC Meter allows to measure incredibly small inductances making it perfect tool for making all types of RF coils. LC Meter can measure inductances starting from 10nH - 1000nH, 1uH - 1000uH, 1mH - 100mH and capacitances from 0.1pF up to 900nF. The circuit includes an auto ranging and reset function to make sure the readings are as accurate as possible ... [more]

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